Embedded Application Board - EAB

The Embedded Application Board (EAB) by Brigosha Technologies provides a low cost application development platform that can be used by researchers, students and hobbyists for developing and prototyping real time interactive applications and projects. Small size and light weight makes this board versatile to be used in different laboratories, mobile applications, bots, surveillance instruments and it provides students, hobbyists, and designer an ideal interface to prototype their imagination.

EAB uses PIC18F family Microcontroller. The Microcontroller has 25 digital I/O pins which are multiplexed to provide one or more features. The EAB can be powered in multiple ways viz. USB port (using Laptop/PC), Battery & Adapter. It has a voltage level selector which helps in selecting the operating voltage for various peripherals associated with the board. EAB supports UART, I2C and SPI communication.


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